Temple B’rith Sholom and Temple Israel are hoping during the coming year to pursue a joint Torah restoration project as a way of bringing our congregations closer together.

Rabbi Yochanan Nathan of Chicago has performed repairs on one of Temple Israel’s scrolls several years ago.  He has also been a gracious host to our Religious School students on their ninth-grade trip to Chicago, explaining to them the nature of his craft as a scribe and the rules regarding the writing and repair of Torah scrolls.

Rabbi Nathan will be coming to Springfield on Tuesday, June 19th to inspect the two congregations’ Torah scrolls and to provide an estimate of the cost of repairing each.  He will take a break from what will be a very busy day (inspecting ten scrolls in total) to make a presentation about the work of a “sofer” (scribe).

Members of both congregations are invited to attend his very interesting and instructive presentation at 12:15 p. m. Tuesday, June 19th at Temple Israel.