Dear Temple B’rith Sholom Congregants:

We are very pleased to report total pledges for our The “Fix the Temple” project fund now amount to $189,482 which is getting closer to our goal of $198,500 for Phase 1 of repairs to our Temple!  For a current list of donors for this project fund, see the July/August newsletter. 

We have now completed most of the original objectives for this project, including: fixing the water drainage problems which were causing damage to the kitchen; repairing and updateing our kitchen; repairing the vestry room suspended ceiling; tuckpointing our entire facility to prevent water damage; and power-whashing our entire faciltiy to restore the appearance of our Temple.  Remaining work includes caulking the outside front steps of the Temple. 

Thanks to your continued generosity, we have been able to make great progress in restoring and maintaining the beautiful appearnace of our Temple.

Due to savings achsieved in the approach twoard fixing the water drainage problem, we have also been able to pay for repairs to the vestry area restrooms. New ceiling tiles have been installed, fresh coats of paint have been applied, and  we installed a new toilet.  In addition to these much-needed repairs, members of our Congregation made further cosmetic updates to one of these restrooms. 

Thanks again to Ralph and Joe Hurwitz for their guidance and expertise, which were essential to the success of these significant projects.

Sincerely,  Ben Schultz, Chair

Committee Members:

Harvey Rothschild, Norman Sherman, Howard Sutker, Lori & Howard Hammel, Natalie & Bob Silverman, Roberta & Alan Cherrick